Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Gilded In-Field

For he’s the jolly-good fellow! “Little Hands” Pedroia, also known amongst wags as “El Caballito,” has been recognized for prowess on the diamond!

Pedroia now hoists a glittering golden glove on his tiny hand, a symbolic acknowledgment that even the hottest smash or sharpest grasser can’t escape his entrapment. He joins “Yukon” Youkilis, himself a gold-glove first-sacker, in creating a gilded in-field.

When the Florida sun again shines on the dirt of the base-paths during spring training, expect the reflection from the right side to be blinding!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welcome back, Knuckles!

It's news this morning, good ol' Knuckles Wakefield is back in the fold. I speak for the legions who are fanatics of that hero's shaking, waffling and confounding hurling when I say "Huzzah, and welcome back!"

Stuffy and I are well prepared for the darkening season, and will draw close to the hot stove and report any and all Red Stockings news to our tens of readers.

Until then, we remain, faithfully yours,
Hurdy Chadwick and Stuffy McInnes,
Full Circuit Clout