Thursday, February 14, 2008

At last, the end of the lushing season

Snow and ice still blanket our home town base-ball grounds, but the Southern sun is warming the hearts of all Red Sox rooters today, as hurlers and their redoubtable backstops commenced workouts with the old pill.

Soon, the rest of our ball-field Goliaths will join the squad for work-outs to prepare their defense of the championship title against the New Yorks and any other would-be contender. Each batter who toes the dust next to the plate and wallops the sphere over the palm-tree lined fences brings us one moment closer to the 162 spirited matches yet to be contested.

Yours truly and the respectable Hurdy Chadwick plan to follow as many matches as we can, if not as members of the hooting crowd than via the wireless, chronicling the heroics through the clattering keys of our Royals and Smith-Coronas. Onward to Victory!

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