Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tuesdays with Hurdy: A victim of circumstance


Dear friends of Hurdy Chadwick,

As you've no doubt ascertained, this week's edition of Tuesdays with Hurdy has been unavoidably delayed. I regret to inform you that your intrepid Rooter has been incarcerated at the Maine State Correctional Facility out-side of Portland, Maine. I assure you our good friend is innocent of all charges, the victim of a local magistrate intent on maligning our blameless friend. Indeed, all charges have been trumpeted up by a youthful prosecutor bent on elevating his position.

Mr. Chadwick's crime? Why nothing but a friendly case of mistaken identity. It was certainly not Mr. Chadwick filling a certain police seargeant's chapeau with tuna-fish salad on the night in question. And it was most certainly not a "visibly in his cups" Mr. Chadwick, as the gendarmes reported, who then proceeded to fit the chapeau on the top of his crown. Indeed, how would such a boxy garment even fit on our fine Rooter's head, which acquaintances will attest is shaped not unlike a ripened honeydew?

I admit that circumstantial evidence -- including the unfortunate coincidence of Mr. Chadwick being found strolling Congress Street with not a little amount of tuna fish covering his head -- looks to be in the state's favor.

Regardless, be assured that Kenneth J. Phrippen, Attorney at Law, is on the case.

Yrs. in all matters legal and judicious,
Kenneth J. Phrippen, Esq.

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