Thursday, April 7, 2011

Night Terrors

There is no moustache left un-chewed on any Rooter from Hartford to Houlton on this chill April evening. No stores of Duffy’s remain in any cupboard.

To-night the Bostons presented such a dismaying pantomime of base-ball that I wonder whether these flannel-clad bumblers steamed into Cleveland in Pullman cars, or clattered into the Cuyohoga city in the shabby wagons of a traveling side-show?

Tho’ there is blame enough to serve each man seconds, I reserve the lion’s share for relief twirler Dennys Reyes. And with his girth-to-grit ratio wildly titled toward the former, he seems poised with a spoon in hand to accept it. The sum total of his deliveries in the sixth chapter: Two “bean” balls and a free pass that placed a Cleveland at each sack! When two of those runners eventually crossed the dish to add to the opponents tally, the contest was lost.

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