Monday, March 10, 2008

A tonic for sciatica

A scourge is wreaking as much havoc with ball-players in Fort Myers as saxophone music is with youngsters. That scourge? Sciatica and back numb-ness! Noted hurler Joshua P. Beckett has succumbed to the aches, and the high-waisted Julio "High Pockets" Lugo has kept from the base-paths in hopes of curing his lingering lumbago.

What of the cause? Could those bad-luck rascals, the Minnesotas, be blamed for elevating the hoopla of the Mayor's Cup? Or Dancin' Jonny Papelbon waging a war with front-office execs over his perquisite post-game steaks at Frank Giuffrida's Hilltop Beef Barn?

Methinks it's all the work with the medicine ball. The solution? Bring on the corpulent one, El Gordo!

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