Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Kings of Fort Myers

There was barely a dandy to be seen without a celebratory cigar on the avenues of Fort Myers this afternoon, as our local squad defeated cross-town rivals the Minnesotas by an impressive tally of 12-7. The triumph brought bragging rights and the coveted Mayor’s Cup back to the Boston’s clubhouse this year. A harbinger of larger victories yet to come?

Starting hurler "Beanpole" Buchholz twirled a solid 3 frames before surrendering a pair of runs to the challengers, but his team-mates took their revenge at the plate. “Colossus” Ortiz and his partner in swat, “Man-Child” Ramirez, each notched run-scoring two-baggers. But neither of those monumental home-run getters drove the sphere over the fence this day.

Instead, the four-ply drives came courtesy of third-string backstop Kevin “Flash” Cash, “Rip” Van Every, and Our Captain. In all, it was a display of Base Ball skills that will stand as a classic in the annals of Mayor’s Cup contests!

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