Friday, April 17, 2009

The man behind the micro-phone

How many hours have I spent perched on my footstool, swirling a tumbler of Duffy's, marveling at the wondrousness of the voice crackling over the wireless?

Indeed, the Red Stockings' fine game-day announcer, "Jerry" Remy, brings a welcomed tenor to the on-field proceedings of our favorite base-ball squad. And though I have become well-accustomed to his pleasing descriptions of bat-on-ball heroics and hurling feats, I knew little of the man behind the micro-phone.

Fortunately, a scribe from the Boston news-paper convinced Mr. Remy to sit for an extended tete-a-tete, and the resulting work is quite satisfying, indeed. Thank you, Mr. Neil Swidey, for your fine portrayal of a man whose voice has become as comfortable as the shawl I wrap around my shoulders on those first chilled nights of autumn.

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