Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mid-Day Tilt on Tap!

A deluge worthy of Noah himself kept the Bostons from contesting the Minnesotas last evening. Poor Knuckles would have had to don a scaphander instead of the flannels just to make it to the mound -- and I shudder to think how that bulky vestment would impact his twirling ability.

Instead, the team stayed wisely in-doors and scheduled a delightful double-tilt for to-day. Let us hope for a fine after-noon and evening of snappy ball from our Nine. Lead on, Knuckles!

UPDATE: A carnival of clouts! Another virtuouso hurling display from Knuckles Wakefield! Another "win" in the Bostons' ledger!

Sadly, the contest was ended in the seventh chapter by way of rain, and weather scientists predict another soaker for the evening.

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