Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Beard for the Ages!

His appearance is that of prospector who stumbled out of the Yukon country and onto the diamond. But his tool for seeking precious metal is a leather glove, not a pick-axe or shovel.

Last year, that glove was declared golden by the sporting men of the base-ball realm, who witnessed splendid displays of athleticism that routinely denied even the top speed artists the first stage in their circuit ‘round the base-paths.

Now, our resolute first base-man with the fearsome chin beard has collected another honor: He has achieved the record for consecutive matches without a boner at the bag!

Yes, our Youkilis has performed flawlessly in 194 tilts, surpassing the previous mark of perfection set by Steve “Pretty Boy” Garvey. Yet that Iron Man never had to deal with the likes of “High-Pockets” Lugo, whose deliveries of the pill across the infield often stretch Youk’s stocky frame to the extreme. Without such a steady receiver, there’s no telling how many muffs the scorers would mark against the erratic short-stop.

Rooters, raise your snifters to the king of the first corner!

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