Thursday, April 17, 2008

Turnabout in Gotham

In what is surely one of the most miserable displays of base-ball ever witnessed by these eyes, our Bostons fell hard to the hated New Yorks in an interminable match of shabby twirling.

Disgust is the order of the day. Our diamond knights brought their terrible timber to bear against the wiley Wang, cuffing the crack hurler for eight scores in merely four chapters, and at one point securing a two-run “lead.” But a parade of ineptitude from the Bostons’ bull-pen conspired to return each of those runs, and more, to the bats-men with the billowing bill-folds of the New York squad. It was as if our hurlers had never before palmed the horse-hide and stitching, and knew nothing of the art of directing the sphere sixty-and-six.

Such are the comings and goings in the bitter struggle for supremacy in the League’s Eastern Division. Another battle awaits to-night, with Gen. Beckett leading the charge. We’re sure his gallantry and grit will propel the nine to a joyous outcome.

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