Monday, April 14, 2008

Glum New Yorks Fall Victim to Bostons

The Kings of New England showed again why they are the champions of base-ball by securing two victories this week-end against the pin-striped mercenaries of Gotham.

Circumstances appeared dire after the first tilt of the three-game series, when the local nine only mustered two hits against the New Yorks’ crack hurler Wang. But our squad can only be contained for so long!

Gen. Joshua P. Beckett commanded the mound brilliantly in the subsequent match, though his performance was overshadowed by the humiliating strike-out administered by game-saver Papelbon to “Slaps” Rodriguez. Following such a tense match, the Bostons’ display of heavy batting during the final contest was a welcome sight.

Some troubling episodes amidst the merriment: A few too many of our twirlers landed themselves in a few too many knotty positions. And what can we make of the inauspicious return of bull-pen stalwart Timlin? Porcine pin-striper Giambi smashed a pair of four-ply drives against him, but we’ve heard whispers that the oleaginous bats-man has partaken of tonics purported to produce loud clouts…

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