Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let's play two!

The fellows from Milwaukee arrived to Boston Friday for a week-end slate of games. But a soaking rain kept the ale-crazed Brewer base-ballers holed up in several of Boston's most agreeable watering holes at the time the first horsehide was to be hurled in Fenway's confines.

The result? A "double-header" to be played! For Rooters, a two-game Saturday is as happy and delightful an event as one's young son learning to handle the ball-and-mitt at a precocious age. And after a series of losing contests, the Bostons made sure to capitalize on meeting a foe from the less accomplished National League, where batsmen swat with less vigor and pitchers are less flexible and less adept at the pretzel delivery than their American League counterparts.

To the Rooters' delight, the Bostons applied the squeeze to the Milwaukees, pasting runs on the board with frequency during both matches. Strong performances by The Colossus, David Ortiz, as well as Kevin "The Beard of the Ages" Youkilis and Dustin "Li'l Hands" Pedroia, led to the "V for Victory" two times in the day.

However, the fine mood in Fenway's spacious stadium seats soured as the Bostons' bull-pen corps fell flat at many times during the day. The difficulties ranged from a late-chapter clout allowed by "Dancin' Jonny" Papelbon to innings of "walks" and base-clogging from David "Applebags" Aardsma and Craig "Here I am!" Hansen.

Those woes, however, weren't material enough to sway the final scores of each match. As Saturdays in May, this was among the best possible, packed with base-ball and curried with victory for the home-town squad.

Late-breaking note: The Bostons prevailed again Sunday, with an 11-7 stymie of the Brewers from Milwaukee. Gen. Joshua P. Beckett led the charge, as is usual on every fifth day, and The Colossus brought up the rear with two four-ply drives.

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