Thursday, May 29, 2008


The ineptitude and futility on display in the faraway ball-parks of the West is a sore puzzle for Rooters to ponder. Can this rabble of hackers who show no aptitude for the beauties of the diamond-field sport really be the same Boston squad that emphatically swats and twirls its way to triumph in the friendly dimensions of the park by the Fens?

Last night’s white-wash at the hands of the inferior Seattles was the final insult for this observer. To squander a sparkling performance by “Knuckles” Wakefield is an offense that deserves no quarter!

The sage, stalwart veteran is one of the most heroic ball-men to ever wear the Boston flannels. Few have the character to bestride the dirt Olympus and put their faith in a unique twirling style that depends as much on the whims of fate and prevailing winds as it does to their intentions. Once the fluttering pill begins its dance toward the home-plate, “Knuckles” is like a spiritualist channeling a message from the great beyond, directing but not entirely controlling the outcome.

As such, this consummate team player deserves the support of his club-wielding compatriots. Yet the somnolent stick-men once again failed to make even a single “run” on his behalf.

We can only hope that the “real” Red Stockings shimmy their way free from the binds and gags administered by these dastardly imposters and storm the base-paths of Baltimore to avenge the recent losses. I will soon be clattering south by rail to observe one of the week-end contests, and will not tolerate a continued display of egg-sucking from the local nine.

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