Friday, May 2, 2008

The little man from Canada

O, what a ball-playing man, that David Eckstein!

How a ball-club attendant can find a hat that fits Little David's head is any man's guess, but the Canadian supporters likely are thrilled to have such a little bucket of steam playing the short-stop position in each and every game!

During the three-game set against the Bostons, Little David refused to sit quietly in the dug-out. His ash stick clouted against many balls, though most were captured by Boston's field heroes and turned to bags for "outs." In last night's match, his four appearances at home-plate were rewarded with one trip to the second bag.

In the field of play at short-stop, Little David tries more than most men, hurling his 177-pound form at balls hit to the left of him, and balls hit to the right of him. Again, many of those balls elude his diminutive reach, though he more than makes up for his lack of traditional base-ball "skills" with steaming helpings of heroism, moxie and punctuality.

His value to the Canadian ball-club is certainly in his temperament: Like a happy boy celebrating his birthday, Little David seems always at the ready for cake and ice cream, his "toque" as much a festive birthday cone as a base-ball cap. His team-mates share in his enthusiasm, for Little David certainly conjures up action on the part of his base-ball brethren just by having the gumption to play a more sensibly sized man's game.

From the fans at Full Circuit Clout, Three Cheers for the Birthday Boy, Little David Eckstein!

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