Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Adieu, dear hurler!

Yesterday, I was tinkering in my yard shed, repairing the bungholes on a few finely coopered salt barrels, when the evening newspaper was tossed on my front walk. The headline stopped me in my tracks:
Hub Hurler Lays Down Flannel
Yes, our own Teutonic rabble rouser, Curt "Der Spiegel" Schilling, has hung up his spiked shoes and his well-oiled mitt after 20 electrifying campaigns in the Major Leagues of Base-ball.

Rooters' debts to Mr. Schilling shall never be repaid in full, for that I am sure. A favorite base-ball scribe of Full Circuit Clout, Mr. Chad Finn, penned a loving eulogy that is sure to have even the hardiest Rooter weeping in his suds come quitting time.

A tip of the hat-bill to our Germanic deliveryman, whose whirling, twirling and hurling defined an era of success in New England base-ball. His achievements and sacrifices will not be forgotten.

Three cheers for old Bavaria himself, the Merlin from Berlin, Mr. Curt Schilling!

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