Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dukes up for St. Patrick!

The lads added a dash of green to their home whites to-day, in a jaunty salute to old St. Patrick, the patron saint of four-ply drives and corkscrew hurling.

And what a day to be from Boston! The heroic Red Stockings laid bare those crosstown yannigans, the Minnesotans, to regain the lead in the Mayor's Cup competition. What's more, fun was to be had at the expense of Lil' Hands Pedroia, when The Colossus Ortiz tricked a little man in green to wear old Lil' Hands' numbers.

Indeed, good friends, a satisfying time was had by all at the ball-park confines this day! Levity was on special, and shenanigans were being heaped by the plateful. What a time to be alive -- even yours truly indulged in a few thimbles of Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey as the gents started hurling and twirling. (Truth be told, I am now tight as a tin drum, good people!)

To-day, celebrate. On the morrow, it is a return to the business at hand.

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