Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh Glorious Day!

Whilst New England droops under damp and misty winter conditions, there is a fresh zephyr blowing from the Southland that absolves all Rooters from glum-ness. For to-day, in the City of Palms, hurlers and backstops have reported to the Bostons’ Spring training quarters!

Tho’ the wires report overcast skies in that region of the Flower state this morning, a thermometer in the 70’s provides a fine atmosphere for the limbering exercises and hurling drills that signify the advance of the base-ball contesting season.

Horsehide pills shall sail through the air and smack resoundingly into leather mitts! Pretzel deliveries will be observed under swaying palm fronds! Steamer-trunks of liniments and cartons of Duffy’s stand open to sooth any “barking” appendages on our new crop of cranky-armed twirlers, such as “Nickles” Penny and The Georgia Peach, John “Smoltzie” Smoltz.

If the sawbones have successfully restored those golden arms to form, their addition to the likes of Gen. Joshua P. Beckett and “Nothin’ Doin’” Johnny Lester present a hurling contingent at least equal to -- if not better than -- the aggregation that came within one match of securing the Pennant of the American League!

In short time, our fearsome bats-men will join the battery mates to begin “stick” work and field conditioning. With respect to the ground-rodent that superstitious country-folk consider a prognosticator of the seasons, Hurdy and I believe that this day is truly the portent of Spring that drives away the chilblains. Huzzah!

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