Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our newest rocket

There is a giant clatter, and a spark and flame shoot o'er the ground when the rocket lifts off. What an exciting and wonderful time to be a fan of all things aeronautical!

But pay not attention to the night sky, and forget the celestial bodies that enrapture those of us lucky enough to glance through a shining looking glass. For the stars for which we care are kept firmly on the ground, in the confines of a diamond, with green, green grass underfoot and the Sunday sun shining above.

And to-day there is one star we are discussing: The Rocket. And no, good readers, not this Rocket. Indeed, the fair City of Boston has gained itself a new Rocket, and this Rocket is dubbed the Woonsocket Rocket, and hails from the nearby southerly enclaves of Rhode Island.

It's a local boy done good, and I, for one, will cheer lustily for our new No. 5 throughout the coming campaign!

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Westbrook Diarist said...

If only a patch of green grass would accompany this much-welcomed spurt of activity at the Full Circuit Clout...