Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Once these lads unload their milk jugs at Oakhurst Dairy in Portland, they'll motor south over the Piscataqua and through the coastal farmlands of New Hampshire to the bustling city of Boston.

The destination is Lansdowne Street, and Friday's job is thus: Pack the catching mittens of our trunk-legged Captain, and the ointments and slings for our fragile outfielder. Assemble the thick ash clouting sticks of our home-town Colossus, and the garish night-time clothing of our eccentric but loved hurler. Make haste to pack the salt pills and water jugs, for the Floridian sun is sure to wreak havoc with our Heroes' wintering temperments.

The trucking enterprise will include a caravan of flatbeds and diesel janes running the length of the eastern seaboard to deliver the goods to the Gulf Coast enclave of the Red Stockings' spring-time home.

Indeed, the entire Red Stocking squad will convene from far and wide in Fort Myers in just a few weeks' time, and the first sign of the end of the Lushing Season and the beginning of the hard work that precedes a 162-game season of professional base-balling.

Rest assured, Rooters, that intrepid reporters Hurdy Chadwick and Stuffy McInnes will deliver to you the finest of discussions regarding our Olde Town Team, and will cheer in the earliest sprouts of the newest base-ball season.

Huzzah, the grand game is nearly back!

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