Monday, February 23, 2009

Who will man between the sacks?

In this spring-time training season, there is one competitive question humming around the Fort Myer's practicing grounds: What mitten-wielder will man the stretch of infield dirt between the second and third sacks?

Will it be Julio "Highpockets" Lugo, the composed and genial gent whose glove is more decent than his noodle bat?

Or will Jed "Square Face" Lowrie step to the challenge and retain his roster position from last season?

At this point, the outcome of the competition will be anyone's guess. But Hurdy Chadwick, for one, believes it will do Highpockets a world of good to pit mitten against mitten, and ash stick against ash stick, to prove he still has the mettle for the job.

Go get 'em, heroes in flannel!

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