Monday, June 9, 2008

And the hills cried, "David John Drew!"

Send the doctor away! Have him pack up his leather kit and vacate the house! He must keep his tongue depressors, iron braces and vials of Duffy's, because the aches-and-pains have bidden our right-field-man good riddance! For as the robins sing high and low amongst the trees, J.D. Drew is alive and well!

Huzzah to the good fortune of the Bostons! There was once a time when Ol' Aches and Pains Drew routinely showed at the club-house and bee-lined for the medical office, complaining of one ailment or another. One day rheumatism, another the grip. Just days ago, Ol' Aches and Pains was laid low by the vertigo, that dastardly affliction that makes a sober man drunk and a drunk man cry for the soft baby Jesus.

Here at Full Circuit Clout, we have a theory behind his fragility: What stardust he must have taken into his lungs during his adventures in Los Angeles! Will all the motor cars huffling and chuffling past The Brown Derby, one would be lucky to enjoy a simple ham-burger without an un-wanted side order of soot and grime!

Alas, this particular West-to-East story has a turn for the happy, as Ol' Aches and Pains has become a veritable comet of base-ball brilliance in the last few matches. Against both the young Tampa upstarts to the recent hosting of the Seattles, Drew swatted the ash like a man stuffed with vim and quaffing vigor by the quart. He also roamed the right-field turf like a starved nightstalker awaiting his prey, gobbling up balls by the glove full, no matter how difficult and circuitous route he was to run.

Indeed, he wrapped a swell chunk of games with a fine catch of a Richie "Shorty" Sexson line-drive, and his four-ply drive in the sixth chapter became the deciding factor in the victory for the Bostons.

After a day of rest, Baltimorians escape the sweltering heat of the mid-Atlantic for the sweet New England summer.

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