Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June Gloom

The glorious summer sun resolved today to no longer hide its warming glow under a bushel, yet this rooter can’t shake the damp gloom that so recently gripped his corner of the Red Stocking’d Nation.

The annual barnstorming tour of National League competitors is historically an occasion for our team to exert its might over lesser squads, tallying “wins” that propel them to the October tournament of champions. This year, however, there’s been a decided absence of vim from the local nine when presented the chance to make hay.

Falling twice to the Scarlet Birds of St. Louis -- in matches contested at Friendly Fenway no less! Allowing a taut twirling duel to slip into the “loss” column after repeatedly positioning men at the second and third bags and failing to deliver a conclusive swat! This is not the play of defending World Champions.

Even glimpses of hope are quickly darkened with shadow: “Yukon” Youkilis connects for a dramatic, victory-sealing four-ply drive one day; the next, he’s off the field and on the physician’s table after an errant toss of the pill connects with his orbital socket!
If the squad can not shape up tonight and demonstrate why they’ve achieved the apex of the base-ball world, Yukon won’t be the only team-member sporting a purple “shiner.”

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