Monday, June 23, 2008

A hero bids fare-the-well

It was reported this week-end that the Bostons' club-house leader, the Teutonic rabble-rouser, Curt "Der Spiegel"Schilling, will go under the knife to cure his ailing and aging body.

Rooters familiar with Schilling's hurling mound heroics were certainly unsurprised by the doctors' reports that detailed a litany of medical issues. For spending the better part of two decades twirling and hurling invites such maladies to one's shoulders and arms.

That said, we at Full Circuit Clout rise and applaud the blond-and-paunchy one for a magical twilight among the Fenway regulars. Since coming aboard four years ago, his stated desire was to aid the home-town team in the winning of a championship. Mission accomplished, dear sir.

From the blood-streaked hosiery to his penchant for discussing base-ball matters to willing audiences across the wireless, Schilling was a man without parallel.

Will the surgery work? If we only knew. Indeed, just a few years ago, such a shoulder surgery would surely confine the patient to the rest of his days in a wheeling-chair. But in this day of medical marvels, Schilling's chances of leaving the surgery table alive are greater than 10 percent -- a testament to the golden age gracing the world to-day.

I, Hurdy Chadwick, pledge this to our readers: I will wager one dollar that Rooters around the world will one day see Curt Schilling walk again! Huzzah and godspeed to the Teutonic rabble rouser!

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